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An Inspiration (Flash Fiction)

“I felt inspired, I felt renewed, and I felt single. My marriage has been over for a couple of weeks that lasted eleven years. Eleven years is a long time. No kids. No major expenses; aside from the house, which she took. Hell, she took everything. The one important thing she could not take away is my pride.”

“The inspiration that hit me that day was harder than I realized. I felt like a thirty-five year old child that just won a trip to SeaWorld, all expenses paid. They were paid for me too; paid to the very last drop of single inspiration to be alone.”

“The beach was empty that day. Walking, breathing, and the ocean breeze where inspiration led. I speak of inspiration because I have never felt so empowered by it. I am not a creative man. I don’t write, draw, or paint. I am a construction manager who has just been divorced, taken a sabbatical, homeless for the time-being, and inspired to do nothing! The beach is where I’m at. One place, one inspiration, and only one thing left to do.”

“Living is an emotional thing. See that? I’m no philosopher, as you can tell, but this is a statement of fact; not opinion. Everything you do is powered by your emotions. Every decision you make is decided by the mood you are in. Take for example my marriage; or divorce. Anger was the top emotion of our marriage for the last year or so, which lead me to where I’m sitting right now, writing. No, I’m no writer, but this is one physical thing I would like to keep from my divorce. Maybe I will become everything I declared I am not. Many philosophers believe that when you make a statement, positive or negative, the adverbs don’t exist. The universe automatically doesn’t receive the fax because there are only verbs, nothing more to declare. So, everything I’ve declared I’m not is everything I will become.”

“Baggage is weight, physical or mental. I am ridding of my baggage by living more free. I am leaving all my physical baggage behind and ridding my emotional baggage on this page. My mark has been set and inspiration will now lead. I want to leave my epiphany for all to see so that someone, even if it is one single person, can learn what I have been through and a possible way to rid it. I will do it here, on this wall I sit.”


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