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Book Review: The Killer Inside Me


                                          The Killer Inside Me

Lou Ford is the deputy sheriff of a small town in Texas.  The worst thing most people can say against him is that he’s a little slow and a little boring.  But, then, most people don’t know about the sickness–the sickness that almost got Lou put away when he was younger.  The sickness that is about to surface again.
An underground classic since its publication in 1952, The Killer Inside Me is the book that made Jim Thompson’s name synonymous with the roman noir

Originally published in 1952; republished 1991.

My Take:

To come up with an original first-person prose is arguably one of the most difficult aspects at writing genre fiction. For my writing, I generally shy away from such a task due to obvious physical and one-character emotional deprivation. The author is attached to the protagonist to his current surroundings and emotional standings.

There is one way to succeed, and that is writing psychological thrillers. The title says it all. A small town deputy sheriff battles himself and his “sickness”, simmering yet not outwardly showing signs of psychosis. Brilliant.

Yet, how far and how many can I read? Not all that many, but this particular gem satisfied that specific genre. Jim Thompson beautifully portrays a believable first-person prose murderer who battles his almost sane imperfections.

When I was in the middle of this man’s warped mind, I slanted on believing him and agreed with his asinine reasoning and arguments. After I put the book down, I half wondered if I had just read something in my own mind but am arguing with myself that that is impossible.

My rating: 4 out of 5


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