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Letters to a Dandelion is Published!

I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t true. Oh, but it is true. And I’ll prove it!

First of all, I’ll state here that it is self-published through Kindle. Now hold on, don’t leave me just yet. Let me explain myself, maybe you’ll agree.

I didn’t spend a lot of time sending my manuscript to publishers and literary agents. I did get a few rejections and I took them in stride. A couple of those love notes actually had a few personalized comments pinned neatly inside. Want to know what they said? The market is tight, money is tight and we can only take on so many authors. This says nothing about your work specifically, we’re too loaded down!

I’m willing to accept those statements. First of all they were personalized and not a rejection template with my name edited in. Second of all I believe them. Today’s economy has put a hurt on businesses everywhere, not just the publishing industry.

So that got me thinking, where can I go with my book? When I was sending those query letters I had no thought whatsoever that I was doing any of it for fame or money, or just to be published for that matter. The question arose then, why am I doing this at all?

I love to read, I love the ever-advancing innovations of the written word. Ebook readers allow owners to read, carry, and buy virtually any amount of books they want. Hell, Barnes and Noble’s Nook has an in-store feature where you can read any book for a certain period of time, for free. Now, unknown self-published authors can reach millions of readers completely skipping the middleman.

I chose to do this for two main reasons; 1) with the advancements of modern technology allowing readers and authors to connect via the internet, I wanted to join that camaraderie for the art, rather than money; and 2) I wanted a cheap and easy way for readers to get their hands on a thrill ride from an unknown. Honestly, if you were to send me a message right now, I would be inclined to send you the book for free. It’s the art I love, not the exposure or money.

Changing gears; here is my proof.

Being this as it is, there is only one way to read my book and that is through Kindle’s product. Now you’re screaming, “But Josh! I want to read your book but I don’t own a Kindle!” No Kindle, no problem!

There are multiple Kindle applications:

All downloads are free.

If you don’t own any of these and still want to read my book, don’t forget, I’ll most likely send a PDF freebie on request.

One request I would like to make, if you read it, please rate and review on Amazon.

Also, look me up on Goodreads Authors here.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have a Facebook Fan Page. I will keep you posted.

Thanks to those who have checked it out and if you’re leery, go check out my Letters to a Dandelion page with a book trailer, summary, and preview.

Ludeker, out!


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